Organisation of international and local conferences

"Building inclusive cities: agenda for Barcelona and Chicago". International Workshop organized with the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the UB Research Groups CRIT and TPC at the Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Barcelona. May 29-30.
Organiser of WG2 International Workshop within the Cost Action IS1102 – SO.S. COHESION. Social services, welfare state and places. Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Barcelona. March, 3-6.
Organiser of the 'Urban Sociology Working Group' of the XI Congreso Español de Sociología. FES. Madrid July 10-12.
Organiser of the 'Urban Sociology Working Group' of the X Congreso Español de Sociología. FES. Pamplona July 1-3.
Annual Seminar European PhD in Socio-Economics and Statistical Studies.
Theme: Theme: Global economic crisis, social consequences and public opinion.
Universitat de Barcelona. 30 September-2 October.
Participation in the definition of “City Regions, Governance and Democracy”-track for the Regional Studies Association Annual International Conference. (Leuven).
Seminario: Barcelona: Metaciudad. Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (CCCB). Participación en comité científico y moderadora. Barcelona, (120 participantes).
Co-organiser (Scientific Committee & Panels theme 2) of the ISA Forum-RC21- Barcelona: Sociological Research and Public Debate – Committee on Urban and Regional Research Barcelona, September, (Over 120 papers and 250 participants).
Organiser of the Urban Sociology Working Group of the IX Congreso de Sociologia-Sociología Urbana, Barcelona
Co-organiser of the International Workshop: “Europe’s Diasporas & European Citizenship”. Barcelona, (70 participants)
RC1 Programme within the ISA-XV World Congress of Sociology. Brisbane. Australia. (over 200 participants).
Co-organiser with Leon Deben of the International Conference, Social Inequality, Redistributive Justice and the City, UVA. Amsterdam, (Over 100 papers and more than 200 participants)
Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Urban Tourism Workshop. University of Barcelona. (60 participants).
Future of European Cities: Urban Restructuring in Europe: Citizenship and New Patterns of Social Integration in Wider Europe. President. The Future European Cities: European Science Foundation. Acqua Fredda di Maratea. (96 participants).
Coordinator with Helen Wallace and Loukas Tsokalis. Symposium Images of Europe. Eleni Nakou Foundation & Royal Institute of International Affairs: Agios Nicolaos. Crete.
Co-organiser of International Seminar: Sociología y Vida Urbana. University of Barcelona.(90 participants).

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