Reports and Discussion papers

García Cabeza, M., Pradel Miquel, & S. Eizaguirre Anglada. Katarsis-D3 Governance integration exercise. European Commission. April 2009.
García, M., M. Cardesa-Salzmann & M. Pradel. The European Employment Strategy: an Example of European Multi-level Governance. University of Sussex. SEI Working Papers nr 72,pp:1-42;
García, M.S., E. Mingione, M. Oberti, J. Pereirinha. Local Trends and Typologies. Evaluation of Social Policies at the Local Urban Level: Income Support for the Able Bodied. European Commission. Brussels, DGXII.
Berkel, R., M.S. García, A. Kofler, M. Roche, et al. DGXII. Brussels, 1998. Social Inclusion Problems and Policies: Case Studies of Policy and Practice Across 12 EU Member States. Comparative Social Inclusion Policy in Europe. European Commission.
García, S. Europe's Fragmented Identities and the Frontiers of Citizenship, Discussion Paper. Royal Institute of International Affairs,pp:26;
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