Book Reviews

Social Innovation and Democratic Leadership. Communities and Social Change from Below. By Marc Pares, Sonia M. Ospina & Joan Subirats (eds) Cheltenham. UK. Northhampton. USA. Edward Elgar. (2017). In International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, volume 42 (5) September 2018: pp. 958-960.
Can Tocqueville Karaoke? Global Contrasts of Citizen Participation, the Arts and Development. By Terry Nichols Clark et al. Bingley: Emerald, (2014) in American Journal of Sociology , volume 121 (5) March, pp: 1607–1609. DOI: 10.1086/684500.
Whose Urban Renaissance? An international comparasion of urban regeneration strategies. Edited by Libby Porter and Kate Shaw. Routledge Studies in Human Geography (2009). International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Volume 36(3), pp:634-636.
Framing Strategic Urban Projects: Learning from Current Experiences in European Urban Regions, Edited by Wilem Salet and Enrico Gualini, in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research,32(3),pp:751-753;
Managing Migration. Civic transformation and migrants' rights by Lidia Morris, in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 28(3),pp:731-734;
Democracy beyond the state? The European dilemma and the emerging global order Edited by Michael Th. Greven and Louis W. Pauly, in International Affairs,vol. 78/1,pp:168-169;
Workers without frontiers. The impact of globalization on international migration Peter Stalke &. Lynne Rienner, in International Affairs,vol. 78/1,pp:175-176;
Multicultural questions Edited by Christian Joppke and Steven Lukes, in International Affairs,vol. 77/1,pp:190-191;
Refugees, citizenship and social policy in Europe Edited by Alice Block and Carl Levy, in International Affairs,vol. 76/3,pp:670-671;
Challenge to the Nation-State. Immigration in Western Europe and the United States Edited by Christian Joppke, in International Affairs,vol. 75/1,pp:142-143;
Europe as an idea and an identity by Heikki Mikkeli, in International Affairs,vol. 75/1,pp:166;
Southern European Welfare States. Between crisis and reform. Edited by Martin Rhodes, in South European Society & Politics,vol. 4/2,pp:250-251;
Faces of nationalism: Janus revisited. Edited by Tom Nairn, in International Affairs,vol. 74/3,pp:652-653;
Nation and Identity in Contemporary Europe. Edited by Brian Jenkins and Spyros Soros, in International Affairs,vol. 73/4,pp:805-806;
Citizenship today. The contemporary relevance of T.H. Marshall, Edited by Martin Bulmer & Anthony M. Rees, in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research,21(4),pp:725-727;
A Citizen's Europe: in search of a new order, in International Affairs,vol. 72/1,pp:196;
European Social Policy: between Fragmentation and Integration. Edited by Stephan Leibfried and Paul Pierson, in International Affairs,vol. 72/4,pp:832-833;
National identity in Europe - the television revolution. Edited by Phillip Drummond, Richard Paterson and Janet Willis, in International Affairs,vol. 70/1,pp:138-139;
Ethnic conflict and international security. Edited by Michael Brown & Nationalism and ethnic conflict - threats to European security by Stephen Iwan Griffiths, in International Affairs,vol. 70/3,pp:536-537;
Towards greater Europe- a continent without an iron curtain. Edited by Colin Crouch and David Marquand, in International Affairs,vol. 69/2,pp:376-377;
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